Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The week is showing signs of improvement

Tuesday was, more or less, OK.

I took an hour or so in the middle of the day, abandoned my desk and wandered in the sunshine up to the Blue Moon cafe, where I met my cousin Penny for lunch.  We haven't seen each other for absolutely ages and it was good to catch up.  She is looking very well and things seem to be good for her and her family.  It was also good to hear that Joan (who hadn't been at all well when we joined her for her birthday celebrations late last December) has settled into her nursing home quite well and now has more good days than bad ones. So that was nice. It was not a bad lunch, either.

I usually bring the car into work on Tuesdays - I go to Japanese classes in the evening and having the car with me makes it much easier getting home after.  On Monday morning and evening the traffic was absolutely dreadful in the city centre. There were problems on one of the roads and the knock on effect was amazing.  So yesterday I made sure I left home in the morning a little earlier than I usually do.  This time there were no dire traffic problems - and I was in the office, eating my muesli by around 7:30!!  The traffic wasn't too bad in the evening either.

I had a lot of remembering to do yesterday evening, if all was to go according to The Plan:
  • I left work a tiny bit earlier than I usually do and remembered to take with me the bundle of flattened-down boxes that Freyja wanted  :-)
  • I remembered to go to Waitrose to pick up my shopping, which I had ordered online last week.
  • I stopped in the Waitrose cafe for a cup of tea and a sandwich.  This was an addition to The Plan
  • I remembered to go to my Japanese class.
  • I even remembered, after the class, to take the boxes to Freyja's place.  I went up through Broomhill, Ranmoor and Nether Green simply because I hadn't been out that way for absolutely ages.
  • I remembered how to get to Freyja's place from that direction (we usually come the other way).  
It was all good.  I even managed to hold my own in the Japanese "conversation" in the class.

I haven't heard anything yet from the delivery people about my parcel :-S

I did, however, get a reply from Marcus at The Nettle to my text message offering commiserations and thanks for many delicious hours in his company, so at least I have found him (and, by extension, Sanford).

It's quite fun unpacking a grocery order which you put in several days ago. I had forgotten exactly what I had asked for. I was certainly surprised to find a simply massive quantity of fresh ginger.  I had inadvertently ordered 1000g instead of 100g.  A kilo of fresh ginger takes up quite a bit of room!!

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