Wednesday, June 03, 2015


So.  June 1st dawned  ...... actually, June the 1st dawned bright and sunny and even fairly warm for the first day of summer*

It was at lunchtime that the big black clouds rolled in.

By the time Julia and I left to catch our bus home, it was raining with intent.

It wasn't too bad in Chesterfield.  Just a bit damp.  But it was very windy.

Shortly after I got home, it got very, very dark and the wind really picked up.

By mid-evening it was blowing a gale and I was wondering if the (very well established) trees in the field at the back, along our fence, would manage to stay standing (they did).

And it rainedandrainedandrainedandRAINED.

Fortunately, the cat stayed indoors :-P

I'm not sure that the Weather Dogs are entirely convinced by the idea of summer starting on the first of June.

It was showery yesterday and not as warm as you might hope.  Fortunately, however, it was pleasantly sunny at 6:15 when I left work and walked up the hill to Broomhill for my Japanese class. Usually I have the car, but The Builder had a meeting to go to which started at 1pm.  He would have had to leave home at around 12 to get there by public transport, and not until just after 12:30 if he took the car. The second option seemed to allow for a spot of lunch before he left!  So I came to work on the bus and then walked to Broomhill after work, and he came in the car to collect me when the class finished.

I was walking up Division Street on my way to the class, passing across from the Green Room.  This is a pub which Gaz sometimes works in.  I was just musing on this, when a small bundle of enthusiasm bounced out of the Green Room, across the road - and threw itself at me.  It was Freyja!  I think we were both surprised to see each other :-D  She was part of a group of people who were organising a film showing in the pub for the evening.  I was just passing by.

* Other starting dates are available.  The UK government has it starting on the day of the summer solstice. The Weather Dogs start it when they feel like starting it.
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