Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mid-week - and things are looking up

... no thanks to Hermes, the delivery company, who have finally got back in touch and admitted that they can't find my parcel and here's a link to the claim form for compensation.

I can't say that I am in the least bit tempted to use this firm, should I ever find it needful to courier anything around the country. I was rather disappointed with the service and the response to my enquiries about my package's whereabouts.

At some point in the middle of yesterday evening, I went to put some things in the recycling bin in the driveway.  I was a bit surprised to find a black bin bag sitting next to it.  Neither The Builder nor I would leave black bags filled with stuff in the driveway.  I picked it up - and inside it was my package!!! I assume that the people to whom it had been wrongly delivered had looked up the postcode and dropped it round.  I wish they had rung the doorbell or knocked on the door.  I would have liked to thank them.

So my new Old English Sheepdog has arrived.  She is very, very cute, but I don't think she'll do as a substitute for Farley.  She's HUGE!  Much, much bigger than I had been expecting.

Here is Farley:

and here is the new dog

As I say - cute but huge.  I don't think I can carry her in my small backpack! But she needs a name ...

Now all I need is for Marcus and Sanford to have second thoughts and to re-open The Nettle and the week will end perfectly.  Alas - I don't think that is going to happen
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