Monday, June 01, 2015

A mostly soggy weekend

It wasn't too bad on Saturday, I suppose. We had sunny spells and it was quite warm.  I wandered up the road and had my hair cut. We trundled into Clay Cross. We got a few useful things done around the house and garden. We pottered up to the allotment. The day passed pleasantly and quietly.

It began to rain in the evening.  It began to rain quite hard overnight. I woke up at around about 4 am, wondering if there happened to be an intruder creeping up the stairs.  But no - it was the rain pelting down on the porch roof.  I was just drifting back to sleep when I definitely heard something coming up the stairs.  But I figured it wasn't an intruder.  An intruder would be unlikely to be wearing a cat bell.  I was just thinking this when a cat jumped up on the bed.  A wet cat.  A very soggy cat.  A very soggy cat with cold and muddy paws!!  Fortunately I had a small towel lurking close by and could dry him off.  But the bed sheet and my pyjama leg were covered in muddy paw prints.

I wasn't going to worry about that at that time of the day.  But I am very glad that I hadn't acted on the brief impulse I had had on Saturday morning to change the bed shee and pyjamas then instead of  my usual Sunday morning :-D

It rained with vigour throughout the morning and into the afternoon.  I repaired to the kitchen and made Transylvanian style meatballs for Monday's dinner and to feed the freezer.  I made a lamb and butternut squash curry for the freezer and for Tuesday.  I made a chicken and mushroom pot pie for Sunday lunch.  And I made a "rhubarb in the hole" pudding to go after.  (I'm not really sure what to call it - it was more or less a sweet Yorkshire pudding batter which I poured into a not hot baking dish which was lined with rhubarb and caster sugar.  Whatever you would call it, it was very tasty)

The weather cleared up a bit later in the afternoon and we got down to the greenhouse and planted out a few of the seedlings that were beginning to look a bit straggly.  The Builder in his guise as Under Gardener is hoping to plant the rest out on the allotment later today (if it doesn't rain!!).  We seem to have a very large number of zucchini/courgette seedlings.  If they all survive I may be looking for recipes to deal with a massive glut of zucchinis later in the summer!

And now here we are and it's Monday again.  A shiny new week to play with.  I wonder what excitements it has in store for us (apart from Transylvanian meatballs for dinner tonight :-D)

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