Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We had an absolutely lovely day on Sunday. I know we woke early, what with the ducks quacking outside our bedroom - but we also woke to a beautiful sunrise. The sun continued to shine all day.  It was warm and sunny and lovely.

So after a hearty breakfast, The Builder and I took ourselves off for a walk through the Harnham Meadows towards the city centre and the cathedral.

 We pottered around in the city and then went back to the pub by another route, passing rivers and gardens and bridges and trees and beautiful buildings

We picked up Gwen at midday and took her back to The Old Mill, where we were joined by Jeanette, Rebecca, Evie and Ian.  Matthew, alas, was unable to join us. He has an unpleasant bout of flooooooo.  We hadn't told Gwen that the others were coming so it was a nice surprise for her

I have to say that the lunch was absolutely delicious. And plentiful!!

After lunch we took Gwen for a drive through the pretty little villages in the Chalke Valley and then took her home.

We returned to the Old Mill and spent the late afternoon and evening watching (through our window) the people sitting outside the pub, the children playing in the river, the dogs also playing in the river, and families making merry in the parkland across the river.  It was a beautiful late afternoon and evening.

Yesterday was a public holiday in England and Wales.  So naturally it rained and the temperature plummeted! We had nothing in particular planned for the day, so we made a good breakfast and headed off home nice and early.  It wasn't too bad a trip home.  We were, I think, ahead of most people who were going home after the weekend. We just had to be careful because of the occasionally very heavy rain!

We like it at The Old Mill.  It's an atmospheric, quaint building. It's very comfortable. The staff are lovely. The food is fabulous.  So we were not entirely delighted to discover the Simon and Steve, who own and manage the pub - are leaving!!!!!!! End of September ;-( They've decided that they are getting too old to work so many hours, 7 days a week and making sure that everything runs smoothly.  The new people are going to have some big standards to live up to!!

There are a few more photos on my Salisbury album.  If you want to look at them, you'll find them here.  I'll put them on Facebook too.

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