Monday, August 04, 2014

Mostly Eating

It had been ages and ages and ages since I had last seen Richard. So I summoned him to meet me for lunch :-)  The Builder came too. We went to Tamper at the Seller's Wheel on Friday and had a delicious and convivial lunch.  Then Richard pottered off into town, and The Builder and I went to Waitrose and Sainsbury's and then went home.

I baked a chocolate tray bake, 6 lemon and poppy seed fairy cakes and 6 Victoria sponge fairy cakes. You may notice that I had the afternoon off work!

On Saturday I made 30 mini sausage rolls, 12 cheese puffs, 12 egg and cress sandwiches, 12 ham sandwiches, 12 tomato sandwiches and I iced the cakes.  Then I set everything out on the dining room table and waited for visitors.

And at 2 pm, visitors arrived :-)  For we were celebrating my colleague Paul's forthcoming retirement. He will, of course, have a departmental farewell, but we thought it would be nice to have a little celebration just of our team. So Paul and Morag came. Peter came. Julia, Mick, Jacob and Abigail came. Rupert came.  Caroline came with Chris, Sam and tiny, tiny Joseph. And we ate sandwiches and cake, and drank fizzy wine and tea and the sun shone and I think we all had a lovely time.

Click on the treats table to get to the photo album
The Builder and I had left over sandwiches and fruit for tea on Saturday evening.  But on Sunday I took the left over beef and tomato sausage meat that I had made, and turned it into burgers, which we had with a positive mountain of veg from the garden and allotment. We may possibly also have had bacon and cheese and egg with our burgers.  Maybe :-D

I noticed on Saturday that the tree that lives in our lounge room was getting a touch on the large side

Tree, with Mick and some teddies

It's taller than me now.  I then noticed on Sunday morning that you couldn't actually see out of the lounge room window any more. I was trying to show my mother something outside using Skype and the tree was seriously in the way.  We've moved it.

You can see out the window now - and we are getting lots and lots more light into the lounge room!

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