Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every da-a-a-yyyyyyy

I don't, of course.  Nobody who actually has to DO anything about Christmas wishes it would happen every day.  We would all be permanently bankrupt and absolutely exhausted.

For instance, from about 4:30 this morning I became aware that I had been lying in bed from around 3:00, three quarters asleep but thinking about making tiny, tiny meringues and meat pie filling and washing the kitchen floor and various other things. By 5:00 I had decided that rather than lying there thinking about doing it, I might just as well get up and *actually* do it!  So I did :-)

But you couldn't do that every day.  Exhausted, I tell you.  Not to mention fat.  And probably not very well and with no teeth left after eating all that sugar.

But I do very much wish that it could be Christmas Eve every day.  I came to work in the car today so I can take Tabitha, Gareth, Cally and Little Friend Marryk back to our place after we all finish work. Ordinarily, if I leave even a minute after 7:00 the traffic is fairly heavy on the main road, and very heavy when I get to Sheffield and it takes anything up to an hour and a half to get to the office. Usually I leave at about 5 to 7. This morning, though, I left at 7:28 precisely. And walked into the office at 8:05 :-)  And then those of us hardy souls who had come in to work today went to the student cafeteria for breakfast/brunch/morning tea at 10:00. I had already had breakfast but a cup of coffee went down quite well.  And a bottle of the two litres of milk that they were selling for 50p each also seemed worth turning out for. We don't actually need any milk at home, but it can always go in the freezer until such time that we do need milk. And it's very, very quiet here today. Not many staff and even fewer students.  Will be interesting to see how many come in tomorrow (it's the first year that we've been open on Christmas Day. There won't be any library staff in, just security. I wonder if there will be any students!!)

So Christmas Eve.  Peaceful, calm, an excellent good thing.  I wish we could have it every day.

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