Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cally's first sleepover

Months and months and months and months ago, Tabitha asked if we could have Cally on the Sunday after my birthday so that she and Gareth could go to a late evening Gig and then perhaps go out clubbing afterwards.  I couldn't immediately think of a good reason not to, so said yes.  After all, it was months and months and months and months in the future.

And then, suddenly, it was NOW!

So we dug out the blow up child's bed with Dr Who sleeping bag attached.  We sorted out the spare room, where we were all going to sleep that night. And then we very, very bravely went to Sheffield, picked her up and transported her back to our place.

She seemed entirely happy about this.

So we watched the Children's channels on the BBC. And we made fish fingers and chips and peas and corn for tea (Cally loves fish fingers and chips and peas and corn, although I don't think she's ever had home made fish fingers before). And at about half past seven she announced that it was bed time, reminded me that she needed to brush her teeth, and off she toddled to bed.

A little while later, The Builder went up to the loo and came down to say that Cally was lying in her bed, quietly going: "Gamma. Gamma. Gamma. Gamma." But so quietly that he only just heard her and that I didn't have a hope of hearing her downstairs.  I went up to investigate.  Tabitha and Gareth had reported that when they had gone camping over the summer and had borrowed the blow up bed, she had managed to wriggle right down to the bottom and they were afraid she would suffocate.  So I had zipped her in nice and tightly so she couldn't wriggle down to the bottom.  Alas - she couldn't wriggle anywhere!!!! She was so tightly zipped in that she could barely move!!!!!!!  I unzipped the sleeping bag so it wouldn't matter if she did end up down at the bottom and went downstairs.  And that was the last we saw of Cally until after 7 the next morning.  Which was quite late by our standards. Which meant that we had to be quiet and still when we woke up the next morning lest we disturb her :-S

So we got up on Monday and watched more Children's BBC. And we had crumpets for breakfast. And we made cupcakes for a lunchtime dessert. Then Tabitha (but not Gareth who hadn't taken the day off work, although Tabitha and I had) came for lunch and we more or less did Sunday again.  Slow roasted shoulder of lamb, with roasties and veg and cupcakes for dessert. Then The Builder took Tabitha and Cally home again and I cleared up. He came back and we watched a bit more catch up TV and then retired to bed.

I think we can declare the first sleep over a success.

But now Taffa wants to do it all over again, on a Sunday sometime in April :-S
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