Tuesday, December 03, 2013


So.  Freyja's passport has come back from the American Embassy with a new decoration:

Photo pinched from Freyja's Facebook page
She's now ready to go off adventuring!

She and Simon leave on Saturday for a few days in Bali, a few days in Perth, a couple of weeks in Victoria, a few days in EnZed, a few days playing in America - and then Simon comes on home alone and Freyja is spending second semester at university in San Francisco.

First, though, there was the little matter of her moving out of the house she's been living in for the last year or so. At one time she had been intending to leave her stuff there with the vague possibility that she might move back in when she returns from America.  Her belongings could live in boxes in the garage.  But that option went out the window when the owner gave everyone notice to quit!  The next option was to sell or throw away absolutely everything and to reduce her worldly goods to a single suitcase.  The Builder and I thought this was a bit over-enthusiastic on the scaling down front and arranged to go down in the car and to bring up to Simon's place in Sheffield as much as we could fit in the car.

So we went down on Saturday morning. And were a bit non-plussed by the amount of stuff there was to squish into the car.  But based on our "never give up, never surrender" mindset, we squished and squashed and packed and shoved and squidgled as much as we possibly could into the car.  The rest (mostly food and kitchen stuff) went across the road to where two of Freyja's house mates had moved (when she said they had moved across the road I didn't think she meant it properly literally.  But she did!!).

A quick lunch in the local coffee shop and back to Sheffield we headed.  I had *this* much space for my feet.  Freyja had ***this*** much room for hers.  Fortunately, The Builder was driving or there would have been no room for him in either of the passenger spaces. And I don't think he would have been very happy if we had left him alone and palely loitering in East London!

All of Freyja's possessions are now lurking in Simon's cellar. And they have five sleeps before they head off on their adventures.

We had a very quiet Sunday by contrast.  I don't think we left the house and garden. Mostly we ate and drank and watched TV. We did move Gyoza and her run up to the lawn by the pond but I think that was the most activity that we managed.
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