Monday, December 09, 2013

Birthday blog

A quietly, well celebrated birthday, if I may say so.

We started perhaps a little early with birthday eve food and wine after I got home from work on Friday.

I was awake nice and early on Saturday.  I spoke by Skype to Stella and Tony; Lindsey; Taffa, Gareth and Cally; Freyja from her airport hotel at Heathrow; Austin.  I had lots and lots of messages on Facebook.

Then Freyja and Simon went to Bali, and The Builder and I went out into the Peak District for some foodie fun. We went to Rowsley to visit the mill for lots of different flour (although it's a pity I didn't think to get bread flour - the bread flour bin is all but empty :-S)  We went to Chatsworth to the farm shop for a few supplies and for some of their rather nice soap. We went to Marsh Green for some more supplies, plus a few Christmas supplies (apart from perishable items I seem to have all but finished the Christmas food shop; this is something of a worry. I'm bound to have forgotten something essential!!!). Then we went to The Nettle, arriving more or less as they opened, ready for my birthday feast.  You will be surprised to hear that I had a burger with chips.  And white wine.  The plan for going alcohol free in Advent has been a spectacular and comprehensive failure :-S

And then we went home and passed a gentle and quiet afternoon watching catch-up telly and pootling about.

So not an exciting birthday. Not a huge amount of dashing about. No raucous celebrations.  But it was definitely my kind of birthday. Lots of nice foodie things and lots of nice wine.

Right.  Cally is coming for her first sleepover later this afternoon.  We had better get ourselves organised!

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