Thursday, August 08, 2013

Wedding Anniversary

It was our (fourth!!!!!) Wedding Anniversary yesterday, so we abandoned the austerity drive for the evening.

Not to the point that we actually went out. Oh no, no. Given that we almost had to sell both my grandchildren to be able to pay for the car, we couldn't afford that before one or other of us gets paid. So we've put that on hold and have plans to go to The Nettle for one of their Fish Nights (Thursdays, usually) when the finances are out of intensive care.

But we did abandon the Austerity Wagon and lay in some wine. And I raided the freezer, the fridge, the garden and the allotment to put together a pub-style steak and chips.  And it was really rather delicious.  We had rump steak and oven chips which I had coated in yoghurt and breadcrumbs adulterated with paprika. We had mushrooms and onions and grilled tomato. And we had broad beans, runner beans, peas and gravy.  It was all very delicious and quite celebratory.

Back to the austerity today. I have a vegetable stew planned for this evening :-D

It's slightly out of focus, sorry. But nearly captures the deliciousness of it all

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