Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Up along the back of the high school in Tupton there is a path. I knew that the path was there. I even knew that there was a fishing pond somewhere along it because Tammy from next door had told me so.  Next to the path there is another path, which I knew led towards Clay Cross because I had looked it up on the map to find out where it went.

We had never walked along either of these paths.

I'm not sure what made me decide that Monday was the day to see if we could find the fishing pond, but I did.  So off we pottered, in exploring mode.  The path does indeed go along behind the school, and there is indeed a fishing pond.  There was also a rather nice little walk through some woodland and along a field full of sweet corn, then through some more woodland and which eventually ran onto Station New Road.  Where we ran into Marilyn, an allotment friend of The Builder's who has just got back from her son's wedding in Sydney.  So that was all very exciting. We had no idea that the woodland was there.

Marilyn told us that she quite often does walk into Clay Cross along the other path, and then takes the bus back.  We decided on Tuesday (SHU was closed on Tuesday, so I was quite happy to be out and about still in exploring mode) that we would follow the path and see what was what.  And it's a lovely walk, quite close to the main road but you can hardly see the road and really you don't hear it much. You could be miles from anywhere. It's not actually all that far to Clay Cross, so we walked back again, along the main road this time.  And then we went to The Nettle for lunch as a reward for all that exercise

Out exploring around Tupton and Clay Cross

Looking back towards Tupton

Pretty little country path

It's only taken us seven years to walk those two paths!!  I think we might walk out to Old Tupton this coming weekend (Weather Dogs permitting) and go for a walk in the woods that we do know are there, but which we've never been into.
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