Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday barbecue

It's summer. It was a Sunday. It was Freyja's birthday weekend. So we called a barbecue :-)

Tabitha, Gareth and Cally came. Freyja and Simon came.  Nate and Duncan came. Ginger Rich and Marryk came. And, to top everything off - the SUN came :) The Builder put up the gazebo. We lit the barbecue. We were ready to party.

I made: lamb kebabs and lemon chicken and beef and tomato burgers. I also made kidney bean burgers, lemon quorn and veggie kebabs.  Taffa brought a salad. I made tabouleh and a potato salad. Duncan and Nate brought a pavlova.  I made Frannie-friendly lamingtons (I can't eat coconut so I put silver glitter on the lamingtons instead) and I made chocolate mousse cups.  There was lots of wine and a bit of merriment.  It was a good day :-)

I don't think Cally had had a kebab before. She seemed a bit puzzled by it :-D

It's OK, Gamma. Kebabs are cool.   I shall eat it

Taffa and Simon are being naughty!

Freyja, Nate, Duncan and Marryk enjoying Sunday lunch

Marryk, Ginger Rich, Gaz and The Builder also enjoying Sunday lunch

Everybody is chomping

Nate and Duncan's pav - still in its naked state

It's getting dressed in its party clothes
Hooray - it's ready to party

Chocolate mousse cups

It's a dessert table :-)

Birthday Freyja

Freyja is blowing out her candle. (And Frannie is in the background!)

Taffa and Cally in conversation

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