Thursday, August 22, 2013

Personal Best Alert

So.  Back in 2010, for some reason that I now don't remember, I decided that we would have a largely alcohol-free year and began counting alcohol-free days.  I haven't kept that counting sheet, but I was looking on the blog for something else yesterday and noticed that I mentioned that we had done Very Badly Indeed and had amassed the grand total of 44 days of alcoholic abstinence.

In 2011 I put together a proper spreadsheet and began counting in earnest.  We did better.  Not well, but better.  Last year we didn't do so very well. And it's funny because I would have said (without checking) that last year wasn't too bad on the alcohol front (because we were saving for the GWT and being Fairly Frugal) and that this year we weren't really being particularly focused on wagonning. 

And yet - we have now bettered in 2013 by two days the total number of alcohol free days that we mustered in 2011. And the year isn't even close to over yet. It is true that the total has been inflated by our spending the whole of Lent on the wagon, but even so it's not a bad effort.  Well, not in my opinion at any rate. 

We'll have to continue being on the Weekday Wagon for 2013.  I am still trying to save for the GWT2, scheduled to commence in January.

There is something of an irony that Freyja, who is by nature very much more abstemious than The Builder and I are ever likely to be, appears to be embarking on a Booze Cruise in December.  A friend of hers suggested that she put together a spreadsheet of places she plans to go, places she plans to stay, things she plans to do, stuff she plans to drink and so on, and to invite people to sponsor one of these events.

There hasn't been a bad response to this.  So far she is being sponsored for a Beer in Bali, a Sunrise in Sydney, a Manhattan in Melbourne, an Avocaat in Auckland, a Mojito in Mexico, a Sambucca in - no wait! That's wrong.  She isn't going to Mexico.  The mojito must be somewhere else.

Anyway, if you want to sponsor yet more booze, possibly buy a cup of tea or even just have a sticky at what she's planning, you'll find the speadsheet here

Penelope's Nightclub and I have baggsied the treehouse!
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