Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Harvest

The Under Gardener has been a-pick, pick, picking.

We have 16 kilos of gooseberries in the freezer, as well as a kilo waiting to be turned into jam.

We have red currant jelly, white currant jelly, red currant juice (in the freezer) and red currant ice cream (also in the freezer!)

We have several pots of raspberries in the freezer - although we have to pick the raspberries pretty much as soon as they ripen or the blackbirds eat them.

We are also picking cherries as fast as they ripen, also to beat the blackbirds.

We are beginning to eat broad beans and peas from the allotment. And the Under Gardener is pulling the first rows of pea and bean plants as we speak.

Last night we had our first picking of runner beans

And we are eating potatoes as fast as we can. We only planted first and second earlies this year, which don't store all that well. I think I'll do some up for the freezer and we'll eat the rest fresh.

I've also been buying huge quantities of brandy, ready for Christmas

So far, not too bad.
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