Monday, July 01, 2013

Blighted potatoes

The potatoes, which have been looking green and cheerful and lovely have been struck by blight.  It's very early in the year for blight, but there is no mistaking it!  And I don't know what is wrong with the cherry trees but the leaves are turning brown and falling off and the cherries are turning black. This is not good!

They're looking nice and healthy here, but some of them are turning yellow and rotting.  Blight !!

We spent most of Saturday rescuing the patio.  There is still a lot of work to do on it, but it is at least now properly usable.  So we used it!

Before ...

... and after

We got the barbecue up, which we didn't use at all last year.  We also put up the gazebo, which we also didn't use last year.  The mice did though - they have chewed holes in it and used the ropes to make a nest!!

I think Marlo is a bit nonplussed by all of this activity - his hiding places and mousing places are all disappearing.  But he is enjoying the sunshine

The poultry are enjoying the sunshine too:

Curry pottering about in a grass heap

Udon and Ramen chasing the cherry leaves

Gyoza, Dim Sim, Teriyaki and Hoi Sin, still in their run

Hoi Sin and Teriyaki are growing noticeably.  The under Gardener has ordered a bigger duck house for them. We are going to collect it on Wednesday!
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