Monday, July 22, 2013

More Food

It was the Bishops' House AGM on Thursday evening so The Builder and I met Tabitha and we all went to the Bishops' Cafe for an early tea before the meeting.  Usually Bishops' House meetings are on Fridays, and we have Caribbean food. On Thursdays, though, the Bishops' Cafe does burgers and chips - and very, very tasty they were too.

It was the Tramlines festival in Sheffield this weekend so lots of people were about for the many musical events which go on.  Simon's band was playing.  Freyja was in town for the event. Plus it was Simon's birthday on Friday. So we all headed to the Botanical Gardens for a celebratory picnic on Sunday. And, naturally, the weather, which has been bright and sunny and hot for two or three weeks, turned cool and cloudy and even a tiny bit damp.  Fortunately it wasn't damp in the gardens. And we had a mighty, mighty picnic indeed.  Nate came (but without Duncan who was in London for the weekend - we think it was the absence of Duncan which cause Cally to refuse to speak to Nate :-D ). Taff'a's mate Jamie came.  Simon and Freyja came, bringing with them two Scottish musos who were staying at Simon's place for the weekend. We had a positive mountain of food. It was all good.

We used to live very close to the Botanical Gardens and hardly ever went into them (unless we were walking through on our way to Broomhill).  We should have done much better! They are small but rather delightful.

I was baking over the weekend, as well as preparing party food.  Someone gave me a bag full of over ripe bananas. There are now two dozen banana cupcakes in the freezer.  We took a dozen to the picnic as well.  I also made a dozen soda bread rolls, which we also took to the picnic.  I think the oven was somewhat surprised to be quite so well used when the weather was as warm as it was on Saturday.

We are forecast hot, muggy and stormy weather this week.  A few thunderstorms will enliven things a bit!

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