Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sober in Summer update

The Sober in Summer challenge is emphatically not going well.

The Word of the Day a couple of weeks ago was "vinolent" (go on - look it up; you know you want to :-D ) This appears to describe The Builder and me extremely well.  We do not much care for being on the wagon!

So I was somewhat surprised to find that we have now broken, by one day, the total number of alcohol free days we had last year.  This surprised me only because I had thought of last year as being fairly abstemious from an alcohol point of view and had felt that we weren't being especially abstemious this year. It is true that the total for this year has been helped along enormously by the fact that we were alcohol free for the whole of Lent, but even if you take that into account we are still doing OK from an annual point of view.

The austerity drive, however, is in a parlous state. Considerably worse than last year :-S  If this goes on I shall be going to Melbourne in January on my own, heading straight there, not passing "Go", not collecting $200.

I am aiming now to beat the total number of alcohol free days that we reached in 2011 (when I first started keeping a total, out of idle curiosity).

And once we return from our exciting trip this weekend to Dorset and to River Cottage - a period of dire, dreadful January Jaunt Austerity will be implemented.
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