Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thames Barrier Park

We had been thinking of heading out to Greenwich for lunch on Monday. But the day was warm and sunny, it was a public holiday and thus Greenwich was bound to be particularly busy.  Also, we felt that it deserved a whole day trip and not just an hour or so.

Not far from Freyja's place is the Thames Barrier. Entirely unbeknownst to me, the Barrier has its very own park and gardens.  Entirely unbeknownst to any of us it also has a little cafe.  Freyja and Simon had spotted it on Sunday whilst on the DLR.  So we decided to go and inspect it and leave Greenwich for another time.

The gardens are quite unusual. They also weren't particularly busy, from which we surmise that their existence isn't widely know to anyone!  The little cafe served drinkable coffee and quite nice morning tea foods.  The barrier itself is an elegant piece of engineering, although we should perhaps worry that Freyja lives on the wrong side of it.  She'll be submerged should there be a tsunami!

Then we took the train back towards Freyja's place and walked up along the river to her house from the station. And then we all headed back to Beckton, where the Premier Inn had kindly let us leave the car after we had checked out, and The Builder and I kidnapped Simon and headed back to Tupton (via Sheffield which is definitely the long way around but Simon had some sort of objection to being abandoned sad and lonely in the middle of Derbyshire!!).

Freyja, in the meantime, went to see if she could find a way to get the the Chinese supermarket she has seen from the train.  She did find her way to it.  And the last I heard of her, she was wandering around the aisles and clutching her wallet tightly closed!!

All in all it was a lovely weekend.  We were extremely lucky with the weather. That's two long weekends in a row where the sun has shone!  It didn't shine yesterday. In fact it rained more or less all day, which scuppered my gardening plans. So I baked bread and made Scotch eggs and a slow cooked lamb casserole instead

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