Monday, May 20, 2013

Musings on homesickness

I have been feeling strangely homesick lately. Not for any particular reason that I can think of, although 18 months of remarkably grim weather probably hasn't helped. And I've been watching Australian food programs on the telly, which definitely hasn't helped.  Nate posting photos of foody fun in South Australia and Queensland on Facebook led me to think about pies and dim sims and Monday steak nights.  I was beginning to wonder if I could make a sneaky trip over for a family Sunday lunch, a cheeky steak night, a quick slurp of junk food.  (I think probably I could just about manage the air fare, and a few days off work - but The Builder might not be entirely delighted if I just upped and disappeared on foody adventures and left him loitering and hungry at home!!!)

Then on Saturday morning I stayed unusually (for me, at least) late in bed, drinking tea and gazing out the window.  This is the view from the bed:

It's not a bad little view.  Quite pleasant to wake up to and to gaze out upon.  And the sun shone for most of the weekend. We sat outside on the patio on Sunday afternoon for the second time this summer - and I have a feeling that might equal the sum total of occasions we could sit outside in the afternoon or evening last summer!!  Maybe I won't go dashing off to Melbourne right now.  I might wait until it's the Melbourne summer instead!  January/February is looking good!

I do quite fancy a dim sim, though

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