Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What we did at the weekend

It was an absolutely lovely weekend. The weather was fantastic! We spent quite a lot of it in the garden. Or on the allotment. Oh - and eating and drinking. So, a fairly typical weekend, then.

If you want to know what we did in the garden and on the allotment, you’ll find it at
http://nethergreenfood.blogspot.com, for those who don’t already know about it.

We had lunch on Saturday in The Three Merry Lads in Cutthorpe. We have driven past it several times and thought that we should make the time to have lunch there one day. As part of our wanderings about on Saturday, we were heading to the Dunstan Hall Nursery in search of various things. It’s not far from there to the Merry Lads. And it was well worth the diversion. The menu is extremely good and the food was fantastic. We will most definitely go again.

We had lunch on Sunday in the Telmere Lodge. It was very pleasant – though not up to its usual standard, I don’t think. I fancy that they fresh cook most things, but the Sunday Roast came out much too fast for that. I think it had been left lying around being kept warm for some time.

It crossed The Builder’s mind that yesterday’s lunch meant we had eaten in four different pubs in as many days. I think that today, perhaps, we should not eat in a pub!

Mind you – we ate at home in the evenings every day except Thursday. And Thursday was something of a special case :)

(I made moules mariniere last night. I’ve never made it before. It was surprisingly easy. And tasty)

Other than that, we more or less pottered about, enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather. When we weren’t working in the garden (or on the allotment) we were sat outside in the sunshine. It was a nice and relaxing couple of days.

The people working on the train line didn’t have a nice and relaxing time, however. I think they were working overnight. They were certainly making an ENORMOUS racket by 06:00 on Sunday morning. If I hadn’t been awake anyway, I might have been a bit miffed to have been woken quite so early on a Sunday.

And the Christians were out in force yesterday morning too. It was Pentecost Sunday, and the 10th anniversary of the Tupton Christian Fellowship. I was just pondering the fact that I was sure I could hear a rather large drum beating, when a policeman appeared in the road outside our window, followed shortly after by a group of men banging on a drum and playing various brass instruments. They in turn were followed by a loose gaggle of people walking behind, plus a variety of different vehicles (including a very old bus and a farm cart). I think they were a combined congregation of the Anglican church (very evangelical), the Christian Fellowship (Pentecostalist, I think) and the Methodist church (about which I know nothing, having only discovered its existence yesterday!).

We figured if the railways could be tooting horns at 06:00 and the Christians could be banging drums at 10:00, then we could go and mow the lawns on the allotment and plant potatoes! So we did
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