Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well done, good and faithful servants

I have today done my very last ever shift on the Level 3 desk. It's being dismantled on Monday morning to make way for the reorganisation of the book shelves. We are all moving up to staff the Level 5 desk.

I've been working on that desk in all its various manifestations for what - eight years or so now. It used to be an underused information desk tucked away in a corner, yearning to be more like its big brother upstairs on Level 5. Then one summer we moved it to a more obvious spot and it promptly shot to prominence. Then the IT help desk came to join it and it became a Very Big Desk indeed. It's a bit sad to think that from Monday it will be no more. It has been a very informative information desk

I came to Psalter Lane this afternoon, for what may (or may not) be my last Psalter shift. I have done my last Psalter evening shift - on Wednesday for Paul, who is honeymooning in Paris. The previous Vice Chancellor sold the site off - her parting gift to us. It's a real pity. The Psalter campus houses the creative courses and has a lovely feel to it. The students are quite different from the rest of the student body. The facilities are all moving to the City campus over the summer, ready for when the undergrads come back in September. This is one of the reasons why we are doing a major reorganisation of the Adsetts Centre. Anyway, I came to cover the desk so the regular staff could go to a meeting. Got here to find that the meeting had been cancelled. I am covering the desk anyway. If this is to be my last Psalter shift (though it may not be - I *think* the library will not finally close until the end of August) then I don't want to miss it.

I wonder what the ghostly Mr Nicholson (said to haunt the library) will make of it when we go
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