Monday, May 19, 2008

50 wildflower plugs arrived on Thursday. I've planted them along the brick path, next to the fence. Not all of them. About 30. The rest are in the propagating tent, waiting in case the thirty do not all survive. If they do, I'll plant them in one of the flower beds. There are five of ten different varieties. Six tiny chocolate cosmos plants arrived. I've put them in a little hedge along the very edge of the brick patio, behind the lavender and rosemary. Am now thinking happy, growing thoughts in their direction.

We were going to take the magic bean collection and stripy bean seedlings up to the allotment yesterday and plant them out. Inertia and black clouds prevented us doing it. Just as well - there was an unexpected (to us) frost last night. I don't think they'd have enjoyed it up there much!! The Builder has planted out his runner beans (seedlings and seeds). There wasn't time to inspect them this morning but they're in a fairly sheltered spot so may well have been all right.

We did, however, put great effort into trying to sort out the fish pond, which is about the colour of pea and ham soup. We've treated it with Pond Clear a couple of times, but it hasn't made very much difference. In fact, no difference. So we had a look at the filter. And discovered that it's an ultra violet filter which should have its ultra violet thingummy changed every six months. Well, we've been there two years and have never changed it. We have now bought a new one. Was something of a song and dance to fit it, though. I'm hoping that this will fix it. I have no idea how many fish there are. And almost anything could be lurking at the bottom of that there pond and we'd be none the wiser.

There are lots and lots of embryonic cherries and apples in the orchard. And even a couple of pears and plums. But no peaches. And the peach and plum trees seem to have curly leaf. Must do something about that.

Oh - and all ten of the apsaragus plants have now put up a shoot. Excellent. 100% success rate there

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