Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Builder's dad - update

The Builder had a phone call from his sister in law Jenny last evening. They had been to visit Mick, intending to stay for half an hour or so. When they got there they found him very much worse than he has been this last week, plus they found Gwen very distressed. So they stayed longer. It seems that his pneumonia has returned and he is very much weaker than he was. The hospital has decided to apply a very intensive treatment for three days to see if they can bring him around. After that, I think they are intending to let nature take its course.

About time, if you ask me. Nature should have been left to get on with it last Saturday week. It seems cruel to me to keep somebody hanging about when there is no realistic hope of a full, or even part recovery. The Builder, Terry and Jenny agree. Marie, I think, is pondering the keeping fingers crossed approach. And nobody knows what Peter thinks. But nobody ever really does, as far as I can see.
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