Sunset from Hill House, Mount Helen. February 2024

Monday, April 22, 2024


I have mused before on the gentle irony that when nothing much is happening, you have lots of time to write and not much to write about. Conversely ...

Let's have a catch up.

Lindsey and I took advantage of a lovely autumn day yesterday, and went out to Talbot to the monthly market. It was nicely bustling, but not so crowded that you couldn't look at things  

I don't really need any more seeds
but these little collections were
very tempting

We came home via Clunes, where we had a wander around the shops. Clunes is a lovely little place but the shopping strip has been sadly affected by the lockdowns and later the cost of living crises. We did enjoy the shops that have survived and very much enjoyed our lunch in Cafe 52. My Turkish-style pulled lamb salad was delicious.

I have finally planted the seedlings I bought on Jim's birthday. And, of course, now the seeds that I chucked onto that bed a few weeks before have also started to germinate. The pea seeds are also starting to come up, as are the weeds

Brassica seedlings

The silverbeet is thriving

Silverbeet and bean plants
I'm going to pull the beans
They're hanging in there
but producing no beans

Lots of little capsicums
although they aren't ripening

Pea seeds and grass starting to come up
Might have to pull out the grass!

A little while ago, Lindsey ran across Farmers' Pick on the internet. They send out boxes of fruit and vegetables that have been rejected by the supermarkets for various reasons. We decided to get a box of vegetables (not fruit) to see what it was like and asked for it to be delivered to my place on Saturday. And this is what came:

So far I have made tubs of roasted vegetables and a not-ratatouille. Lindsey has taken half the roast vegetables, snow peas and broccoli. I have made a big bowl of mirepoix. We ordered a box for two, to come fortnightly - but I have changed the delivery day to Friday. Saturday is our main shopping day and we found ourselves constrained by not knowing what vegetables would be coming our way. I definitely approve of buying perfectly good but misshapen vegetables, and the quality is excellent. I'm just not sure how practical it is to do this for our two households. But we'll give it a go for another couple of boxes and see how we get on.

Stella has improved greatly since her hospital adventure, although she was completely away with the fairies for most of last week. Opioid medications do not agree with her! Anyway, she's off them now and is very much more alert and aware. She's going to see her GP tomorrow so we'll see what's what then.

We've been having some lovely autumn weather. Misty mornings, lovely sunsets, sunny days. 

It's a beautiful day today and is forecast to be quite warm for April. I shall try to get some garden time in. And do a load of washing 😉

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