Mouth of the Snowy River, Marlo, East Gippsland

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Stella's Place

Lindsey and I were at work on Saturday morning and then pottered down to Mount Martha.

We might have gone to Tully's on the way. And maybe also Bunnings.

We did a little desultory tidying and organising when we got to Stella's house. Then we had beef and vegetable stew and wine for dinner.

The clocks went forward for the summer early on Sunday morning.

Nevertheless, Lindsey and I were up and at it reasonably early on Sunday morning. We had had a skip delivered on Friday afternoon, which was waiting for us on Stella's driveway. Various members of the family joined us over the course of the morning. And we cleared and tidied and threw things into the skip and organised and beavered away and got the place mostly ready to hand to LendLease so they can do their stuff before it goes on the market.

Neighbour D took Stella's dining chairs. Neighbours C&J asked if their grandson could come and have a look over what was left to see if he could use anything in his new house, lent us a tape measure and provided shortbread for afternoon tea. Jenny across the road cheered us on from her place.

The skip is nice and full.
We need another one!

Filling up Lindsey's car with things to
go to Ballarat

Most of these boxes and computers
are destined for Ballarat

Filling up the trailer with even more stuff
headed to Ballarat

The things at the back in the dining room
are heading to charity

Stella's dining chairs in their
lovely new home

The charity house clearance people are coming on Thursday to sort through everything that we've left in the house. In the garage we've got things on that side, destined for the next skip, and things on this side which people have said they would like to have but didn't have room to take away.

We had rissoles and salads for lunch. Then we all went away - not for the last time, which we had hoped, but almost certainly for the penultimate time. Although I might drop down before the next Skip Sunday just to see what's what. Wendy is going on Thursday to let the house clearance people in. And Stella would like to go for one last time, and one last lunch at the Dava before we relinquish the place to the tender hands of LendLease.

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