Monday, May 08, 2017


We started the day at the Farm Gate Market, which happens on Sundays a short stroll from our house. It's not anywhere near as big as the Salamanca Market, but it is definitely a food market.  We were a bit sad that we only had one more main meal to buy for!

Then we made our way up Mount Wellington, whose top was covered in cloud.  It turned out that the route to the top was also covered in snow.  The road to the summit was closed 6 km before you got there.

Cloud capped. We went up anyway

It was very picturesque driving up the mountain

View from the lookout

It's me!!

The road is closed up ahead.  We can go no  further

Thwarted in our ambition to reach the top we drove back down and then turned away from Hobart and headed out to Huonville in the Huon Valley, just for a look see.  The Huon Valley is apple country.  There were lots of cider making places.  We didn't visit them :-D  Instead we turned around and made our way to the historic township of Richmond where we had a rather nice lunch in the Richmond Arms, visited the model village of Colonial Hobart, collected the very pretty bridge and pottered around in the shops.

Richmond Arms

Model village

Model Village

Richmond Bridge

And so home where we spent out last evening watching Masterchef while eating the magnificent potatoes, veg and lamb fillets that we had bought in the market in the morning.

I could definitely live in or around Hobart.  It's a nice pace of life.  And the fresh food is amazing.  I might need a slightly better paying job to fund all the eating, though!

We're off back to Victoria shortly.  And then we have three or four weeks of birthdays and other excitements to look forward to.
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