Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Poor Tony

really isn't at all well.  It's a bit of a vicious circle, really.  He feels nauseous so isn't eating.  He has lost a lot of weight. He is feeling very weak. He has a small something to eat or drink.  He feels nauseous so doesn't eat any more. He gets a bit weaker.  And he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.  He can't take any exercise, so doesn't really get hungry. And so it goes on.

He now has some anti nausea medicine so hopefully that will help.

He has eaten a few odd bits and pieces. And he went for a stroll with me around the complex the other evening.  He has some times when he feels quite bright. And other times when he feels quite terrible.  Today is a feeling terrible day ;-(

It doesn't help that his medical and hospital tests keep getting messed about so no one know what is supposed to be happening and when.

Except I think that some things have now been sorted out.  Lindsey came down on Monday and escorted Tony and Stella to see his surgeon on Tuesday.  The first set of results are partly encouraging but not so much that further tests can be ignored.  A load of tests have been arranged for Monday.  Lindsey and Jim went away after the hospital visit leaving me in situ at Mount Martha for the time being.  I think I will be here until at least Monday. We will review the situation then.

Tony wasn't well enough to go to the joint 60th birthday / housewarming lunch that Christian and Cassie were hosting in their beautiful new home, so he and Stella stayed at home. Fortunately Jim and I were well enough - partly because I had custody of the birthday presents from Stella and Tony, also because I had custody of the fruit platter Lindsey had asked me to get but mostly because I had Emily's car and she needed it back.  We had a lovely time at the party.  They had prepared some delicious salads, beautiful roast meats, lots of tasty morsels. There was lots of merriment, lots of delicious wine and two glorious birthday cakes. Then Jim and I came back to Mount Martha by train, train and taxi.

In other news - our furniture and boxes are due to be delivered to Mount Helen some time on Friday.  I had thought they might never leave their consolidation home in London but now they are oh so nearly here.  Now we just need to sell the house so we can get somewhere to put the furniture and contents of the boxes!

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