Monday, May 15, 2017


It was Lindsey's 60th birthday last Thursday.  It was the Practice Manager's 50th birthday, also on Thursday.  It was decided to have a lunchtime celebration at the surgery on Wednesday, since neither of the birthday girls would be in on Thursday.

They got food in from the various eateries in the shopping centre that the surgery sits in.  We had pizza and sushi and calamari and chips and cold platters and all sorts.

And the Practice Nurse made a cake.  Except there wasn't actually any cake.  It was all made of various kinds of fruit.  It was amazing!

Thursday lunch time found Lindsey, Ian, Jim and me in a wine bar in Ballarat, eating Japanese style food.  I was the designated driver so no wine for me, which had the unexpected benefit of introducing me to a bitter grapefruit drink.  It was absolutely delicious.  I may have had two!

Ian took himself off to Brisbane via the airport bus and a plane after lunch.

Lindsey, Jim and I went home and prepared our stomachs for dinner, which we had with Emily, Ant and Jess in a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Ballarat.  We had the tasting menu and it was amazing.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and the family (apart from Ian and Jess, but including Wendy's former mother in law Margaret) gathered at Mount Martha in celebration of all our mothers - and Lindsey's birthday.  I took a vegan shepherd's pie topped with sweet potato, and a meaty one topped with traditional potato.  Susie brought delicious sausage rolls and kofta.  Lindsey came with salads and a fruit platter. Stella had also bought salads, green beans and a cherry pie.  Belinda brought a rhubarb crumble. There was lots of wine. It was a very mighty feast indeed .

And now we have a celebratory pause.  No more birthdays until next week!

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