Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stella went back into hospital last week, to have her legs sorted out.  You may remember that a few weeks before Christmas she had a hip replacement done.  That seems to be settling in quite well.  However, she has had quite bad swelling in her legs and went back into hospital to get that fixed. So far the treatment seems to be working quite well.

Lindsey, Jim and I went down on Sunday to visit her.  We got there at about lunchtime. Tony also arrived while we were there.  Somehow, we were diverted from our intention of visiting Stella and ended up in a nearby pub!

It was a pub very much like the Dava in Mount Martha (except that was Beretta's in Langwarrin near Frankston) and the food wasn't bad at all.  I enjoyed my chicken parma.  Jim and Tony enjoyed their barramundi and chips. Lindsey enjoyed her fishy tacos.

We did go back and visit Stella again after lunch. We didn't take pub food back for her - she had already had barramundi (but no chips).  We took  her a lovely fruit salad though, with mango, nectarines, apricots and blueberries :-)  (As an aside, I must say that the food in the Peninsula Private hospital looks much more appetising than the food did in the Beleura hospital where she had her hip operation done. She reports that the food in Beleura tasted ok - it just didn't look very enticing and you need food to look enticing when you are giving it to poorly people with little appetite!!!)

It was quite a foody weekend, all told.  Which was all very delicious but didn't absolutely help the 2017 ambition of losing 10kg!  Ian made us an amazing Indian banquet on Saturday night.  Tandoori chicken, tandoori lamb cutlets, many equally amazing side dishes

Tandoori chicken.
Lindsey took this photo - I was too busy sampling the pea and  asparagus risotto!

He also made us a chicken stir fry on Sunday night. No photos of that. We were all too busy scoffing to stop and take photos.  (That's scoffing as in stuffing our faces, not as in making fun of it!)

And so we sailed on into the week.  Lindsey was working yesterday (this is unusual; she doesn't normally work on Mondays), so I went too.  Jim and Ian finished putting together the timed watering system to keep the veg tubs and beds going when  we are not there and came down later in the morning. Simon, Jacob, Noodle and Christian came for dinner, along with a friend of Lindsey's and Ian's.  Normal service is once again restored.  For now :-D
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