Friday, January 06, 2017

Continuing as we mean to go on

I emptied the scanning box at work twice on Wednesday. I had it empty at lunchtime and was just about to embark on another job that had come my way - when two of the doctors brought another third of a box of scanning in.  I abandoned the extra task and emptied the scanning box again. I expect it will be well and truly full by the time I go in next week.  There might even be enough to keep me gainfully employed for three days instead of two!

Yesterday we met Emily at her beautiful new house, which she is sharing with several other people and which is a very short walk from her new job which she is starting next week.  In pursuit of Lindsey's and my ambition to walk 750 Runkeeper km during 2017 we walked around Lake Wendouree, which is about 6 km.  We were a bit worried about the thunderstorms which were circling Ballarat but although we heard thunder and saw lightning we were spared the rain.  We stopped for coffee half way around but managed the walk quite comfortably.  It is several years since I last walked right around the lake so  I was pleased that it wasn't too arduous

The storms had passed by the time we got here,
though we could still hear thunder in the distance
I easily managed to get my 10k steps in yesterday.  The walk around the lake contributed a lot, but walking around the DIY stores and the supermarket also helped quite a bit. Plus you get lots and lots of steps in if you are tidying, clearing or simply moving around Lindsey and Ian's enormous house. It's 50 steps from our end of the house to the laundry door. It's quite easy to rack up 3 or 400 steps in the course of an hour without even trying hard.

The vegetable project is going quite well (so far!):

Mostly herbs in this one with just a few veg.
There are more herbs and veg to go in

Cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

Standard tomatoes and zucchini/courgettes

The potatoes are thriving

Carrots and beetroot just germinating

Corn also just poking through
However, the beans are not much enjoying their home down along the fence.  They are being beaten by the wind and are definitely not thriving.  Either we won't plant them there again next season, or we'll have to find a wind break of some sort.

Nor are the raspberries thriving.  Something has stripped them all out ;-(

And here - our first harvest:

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