Sunday, January 15, 2017

Getting Better Penguin

A couple of years ago, Cally had to go to the hospital or to the doctor for a number of reasons.  She had to have tests. She had fallen off the trampoline. She had chicken pox. A number of times she had to go. And each time she took her penguin with her.  And everything always worked out OK because the penguin was looking after her.

When Stella had to go into hospital shortly after all this, Cally thought that it was reckless to the point of incomprehension that Stella would even contemplate going into hospital for an operation without taking her Getting Better Penguin with her.  She was aghast to discover that Stella didn't have a penguin so couldn't take it with her. Her mother and I were despatched, post haste, to acquire a penguin and send it over so Stella would have a penguin to look after her. (We sent one for Tony as well)

The penguin arrived, was taken to the next hospital visit and all was well.

The penguin doesn't always accompany Stella when she goes to hospital, but it usually turns up at some point during her stay.

You may remember that Stella went back into hospital last week to get her legs sorted out.  She had unpleasant oedema and her legs hurt and they were getting infected.  All seemed to be going ok.  Tony went into hospital on Friday for an overnight stay to have a Watchman inserted (no, I didn't know either; look it up!)  Wendy took him in.  Jim and I headed down to their place so we would be there to let the cleaner in and to help out.  Tony was due back on Saturday morning. Stella hoped to come back on Saturday morning too.  Wendy, Jim and I all stayed over for the night

Alas, although Tony came home as planned, Stella's legs had flared up a little bit so she had to stay where she was.  I was pottering about at their place on Saturday morning when my eyes caught sight of the Getting Better Penguin in a basket with other soft, cuddly toys!!! No wonder Stella hadn't got any better.  When Jim and I called in to visit her on our way home in the afternoon we took the penguin with us. We took Farley too:

Photo taken by Wendy

By Penguin Power and Farley hugs, Stella was better enough this morning unexpectedly to Go Home.

We should all listen to Cally and her perspicacity.  You need a Penguin if you are going to get better!  If you don't have one, you had better head to the shops urgently :-D
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