Sunday, December 04, 2016

We went down to Mount Martha, as planned (!), last Sunday afternoon.

On Monday we took Tony to the pain clinic in Glen Waverley.  We visited Stella in hospital a couple of times.

On Tuesday we took Tony to the GP in Rosebud.  And visited Stella a couple of times.

After that there were no further medical trips for Tony.  Stella moved into the Rehab centre.  So far so good.

Tony made quite a good recovery.  Stella  is making a fantastic recovery

Stella in the hospital, walking with her new hip 
Moved upstairs to the rehab centre

Tony has come to visit - bruises starting to fade
Back at the house, it's dinner time :-)
To say that we spent most of the week doing not much more than hospital visits and trips to the shops, the time passed remarkably quickly. So much so that there wasn't time to update the blog or do anything much.

We came back to Mount Helen, via East Melbourne on Saturday.  We dropped off the car and had a bit of a wait until Lindsey joined us at the flat.  So we took ourselves up Smith Street to Pabu for lunch.  It seemed slightly extravagant to have the full tasting menu for lunch, so we made our own, much smaller tasting menu of edamame beans, gyoza, crumbed oysters and chicken karaage.  It was very delicious

And now here we are, back in Mount Helen. Emily is back from her visit to the States. Ian made us an excellent dinner, which we ate outside - the first time it's been warm enough to eat outside in the evening.

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