Monday, December 19, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

No.  Not mine.  Our friend Pat's.  It's her birthday this coming Thursday but the chances of getting a load of people out partying during the day on a Thursday, and particularly a Thursday three days before Christmas are quite slight.

So her family and many of her friends gathered at the Lavandula Swiss Italian Lavender Farm for a birthday and Christmas celebration.  It was lots of fun.  There were people there that we had met before, some who we had not met but had heard a lot about, and some who were entirely new to us.  We sat outside to have lunch and admire the beautiful views.  We went for a wander in the gardens.  We had a lovely browse in the shops.  It was a great afternoon.

And here's the Birthday Girl.
A very happy birthday on Thursday for Pat

Lindsey, Ian, Ant, Jess and Emily are gathering in Townsville for Emily's graduation on Wednesday. Stella and Tony had hoped to go too, but Stella isn't really well enough yet for flying - and her legs, which are quite swollen, might not like the tropical heat and humidity.  So they haven't gone.  They'll go somewhere in the autumn when we hope that they might both be fit enough to enjoy their holiday.

Jim and I are clearing up, tidying up and generally getting ready for Christmas.  Once again, I am in charge of collecting the Christmas meat and seafood.  This year I also am responsible for the Christmas desserts.  The responsibility is awesome :-S
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