Saturday, November 26, 2016

Well that didn't last long

Normal life, that is.

The plan was that Lindsey would follow her usual weekly pattern, and that I would go for my usual pattern of scanning in the surgery.  Stella trundled off to hospital, as planned, on Tuesday for her, as planned, hip replacement operation.  The plans for the week all looked good.

Then Ian reported that Emily's stuff, which was being freighted down from Townsville was due to arrive at the house in Mount Helen on Wednesday afternoon.  Neither he nor Lindsey were available to receive it.  So Jim and I changed our plans and came back to Mount Helen to supervise its arrival, and I arranged to go to Melbourne with Lindsey on Friday to do a mammoth scanning session.

Quite often trucks find getting up and down the driveway at Mount Helen a bit problematic.  They give up, or persevere and take out water pipes or run over the letter box at the bottom of the drive.  The bloke who was driving the truck with Emily's stuff on it had no such bother.

Reversing up the driveway

No water pipes or letterboxes were hurt in the making of this delivery
So far, so good.

On Thursday, Lindsey went to pick up her new car, went about her normal Thursday activities.  Jim and I pottered in the garden with Sam

Lindsey came home and she and I took Sam for a walk in the park. We were about to hop back in the car to come home when her phone rang.  It was Tony.  He had taken a tumble outside the pharmacy in Mount Martha and well and truly cracked his head.  The pharmacist was in attendance.  An ambulance was on its way.

This was not a little disconcerting.  We have Lindsey, Jim and me in Mount Helen with all the cars, including Ian's.  We have Ian in Melbourne, with no cars.  We have Stella in Hospital in Mornington recovering from her hip operation.  And we have Tony unexpectedly in the ED in Frankston Hospital, then admitted for a couple of nights.  Oh - and we have Tony and Stella's car in the shopping car park in Mount Martha.

Wendy had not long got back home from visiting both Stella and Tony (at that point not having fallen over).  Simon was in Queensland. Matthew wasn't any closer than we were.  Ian borrowed a car and took himself to Frankston, and Mornington, and Mount Martha, and back to Frankston and then back to Melbourne, getting back in the wee smalls.

Lindsey and I rearranged our Friday. Lindsey cleared her list for Friday afternoon. I abandoned my scanning.  Down to Frankston we went to see what was happening to Tony.  On to Mornington to visit Stella.  Then to Mount Martha to rescue the car. Back to Mornington to drop off supplies for Stella, thence to Frankston to drop off supplies to Tony and on back to Mount Helen.  It was a long, long day.

Lindsey has gone today to spring Tony from the Frankston Hospital and will stay overnight. Various people will be there tomorrow for (planned) visits to Stella and (less planned) visits to Tony.  Then Jim and I will decamp down to the Peninsula and stay for a few days until Tony is fully recuperated and Stella is in rehab or even back home.  No scanning for me!

Memo to you all

All things are subject to change with absolutely no notice whatsoever. 

Sometimes 15 times overnight!!!

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