Saturday, November 19, 2016


We had a lovely time in Auckland.

As I said, we were staying in an apartment in a new development to the north of Auckland.  It was quite an attractive development but it isn't finished yet and there didn't seem to be a lot to do.  Not that this mattered much.  There were shops and we eventually found a bank machine. There were liquor outlets and take away places.  And the apartment was extremely well kitted out.

This is where we are staying 
Friday was a  very good day.

After breakfast we went for a wander, to see what was what.  We followed a sign that led to the Coast Walk.  And we found this

It turned out that there were lots of coastal, country and historic things dotted about, once you got outside the new development.  We must go back one day and have another exploration.

But there wasn't time on Friday.  We were due on the other side of Auckland to meet a former work colleague of mine for tea and cake.  She worked in the Adsetts Library for a few years but moved back to New Zealand five years ago shortly before the birth of her second child.  She noticed on Facebook that we were on our way over and so we arranged to meet.  It was lovely to see her again, and to meet the two children I hadn't met before.  The older one, who I had met as a baby was at school and her husband was at work. But the rest of us had a good time, sat outside in the sunny garden.

She suggested that we should go to Cornwall Park for the afternoon. It was only  short drive from their place, so off we went.  We had an absolutely delicious lunch in the bistro.  jim and I had the fish of the day and It has to have been one of the best fish meals I have ever eaten.  The skin was so beautifully crisp the Jim ate his - and he never eats the skin of fish!  The flesh was succulent and delicious.  Lindsey had green pasta with broad beans and asparagus and snow peas and a pea veloute. I think she very much enjoyed that too.  We drove to the top of the hill, One Tree Hill and had a mooch around.

Looking out over Auckland

Then we made our way to Mount Eden. Jim declined our invitation to walk to the top.  He stayed in the car and Lindsey and I went

Nearly at the top

Then we rounded a corner and saw the trig point All The Way Up There 

Looking out at Auckland over a sacred volcanic crater

Back on the ground we headed back towards home, via a trip at the Westgate shopping complex. It wasn't all that exciting a complex so we headed on home for dinner and an evening watching the telly and relaxing.  We're heading to Rotorua tomorrow so need to be up relatively early so we can pack the car and tidy the apartment.

We have enjoyed Auckland.  We must come again.
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