Friday, October 28, 2016

Time Passes

... as it does, and we have been busy in a gentle, quiet sort of a way.

We went to Mount Martha last Sunday for lunch with Stella and Tony.  Lindsey and Ian came from Melbourne, where they were spending the weekend.  We all went to the local pub for lunch, The Dava, and indulged in fish platters with chips.  It was all very convivial.  Stella and Tony were both looking well and cheerful. Sam was very pleased to see us when Jim and I got back to Mount Helen.  Lindsey and Ian went back to Melbourne to have dinner with Emily, who was in town for a reunion.

Stella, Farley and a Dirty Granny :-)
We headed back to Melbourne on Monday and did all the usual things. Then we came back to Mount Helen on Wednesday evening.

Lindsey headed off on Thursday to do her usual Thursday things. Ian was in Sydney.  The sun was shining.  So Jim headed out into the chook and veg gardens and began shifting the fence for the forthcoming redesign.  Sam and I headed out into the front garden to do a spot of seed potting on and general veg garden preparation.  I have to say that Sam was a bit puzzled by all of this.  He spent some time with me, on a long, long lead, and some time with Jim, with the gate to the chook yard shut.  He seemed to enjoy being with us but you could very clearly see him wondering what on earth we were doing, and why we were wasting such a lovely afternoon pottering in the garden when we could be going out for a nice, long walk! I must take him for a walk today.  It's not quite such a lovely day as yesterday but it's nice enough.  I think there might be a forest walk in prospect.  And there is definitely more time in the garden on the way.  I might even plant some more seeds!
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