Friday, October 21, 2016


As I have been trundling up and down Smith Street on the tram, I have occasionally noticed a place called Pabu.  Mostly, I seem to be looking at the other side of the rad.  But Pabu grabbed my attention because that is the Japanese word for Pub.  So the next time I went past, I looked more closely.  Aha. It is also labelled as an Izakaya, which is where you go in Japan for drinks and pub-type food.  Further information suggested that it is a Grill and Sake place.  Definitely warrants further investigation.

Lindsey works late on Tuesday evenings.  Ian is often out of town.  But last Tuesday he happened to be around.  What should we do for dinner?  I suggested a trip to Pabu.  Turns out that the and Lindsey have been a few times, but not recently. He was definitely up for it.  Alas, poor Lindsey was slaving over a hot salt mine - I mean surgery - so she couldn't join us.  But we three trundled up Smith Street and had a delightful evening.

I have to say that not only was the food very good, but so was the service.  We decided to have the tasting menu which included sashimi and other raw fish.  Jim is not a big fan of raw fish.  We asked if there might be alternatives.  And there could be. So we feasted on edamame, oysters, crumbed chicken instead of sashimi, pork gyoza instead of the other raw fish. We had minced beef on sticks, spiced prawns and, as the main attraction, a rack of lamb. For dessert we had chocolate cake with black sesame ice cream.  We might also have had the odd glass or three of wine.  It was very, very tasty. Not only is there good food and excellent service, but there are also many vegetarian options and a whole vegetarian tasting menu.  You should all go.  I'll come with you :-)

A tasting rack of lamb for three
Then we meandered back to the flat, where Lindsey rolled in a little later, not anything like as well fed and watered.  Still, she and Ian are in Melbourne for all of this week.  They went out last night and seem to have had an equally good time.

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, but very VERY windy.  It's nothing like as windy today but it is overcast and showery.  I could really do with a day of sunshine and light wind so I can get that herb bed finished!!! And we have potatoes to plant and other gardeny things to do.  We need veg beds prepared

Just to prove that I am really here.
Photo courtesy of Ian

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