Sunday, October 30, 2016

Time is still passing

Sam and I went for a walk

Lindsey, Jim and I went into Ballarat and bought everything that there was to buy.  Nothing left for anyone else!  At least, we went to the Rivers Clearance shop which is shortly to close and bought lots of things at dramatically reduced prices. We tried to go to the Post Office, but just missed it as it closed. We also failed to buy post cards.  We did, however, buy a few Christmas presents and some roses and a few bits and pieces, and rather more at Wilson's than we had intended to.  We pretty much filled the car and emptied our bank accounts :-)  Then Lindsey and Ian headed off for an evening's frivolity in Melbourne, leaving Jim, Sam and me in charge at Mount Helen.  We had fish and chips for dinner (homemade, not shop bought).  No frivolity!

This morning Jim and I went into Buninyong to look at the monthly craft market. It was a fairly typical country craft market. We bought some raspberry canes. Lindsey bought two a couple of weeks ago but there is not much point in having two raspberry canes.  I bought three pots at the craft fair.  Each pot has three or four canes in.  Now we just need somewhere to put them

We had somewhere ready for the roses:

Jim has been busy!

It looks very much as though Sam has been so busy that he's absolutely exhausted!

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