Friday, January 08, 2016

On The Move

We had a lovely meal in The Builders Arms with Lindsey and Ian on Wednesday night, in celebration of our final night in Victoria for this trip. We expect to be back sometime in the (Aussie) winter.

Then we flew up to Cairns for a night, en route to Japan, for the last leg of the #WBT.

I fly a lot, comparatively speaking.  I know what you can and can't take in your cabin luggage.  When in doubt, I don't. So The Builder and I were a bit surprised when our little cabin suitcase was set aside and opened for inspection.  If you had asked me, I would have said that the picnic cutlery had been packed in the suitcase with the stuff for Japan.  But no. There it was, metal knives and all, packed in the cabin luggage :-S. The picnic cutlery doesn't have its knives any more.  Then I got selected for a random drugs screening.  I passed that one :-D

Oh, and the Tullamarine Airport might like to consider improving its signage for access to the new Terminal 4.  It was something of an adventure trying to get there and find the short term parking! Thank you to Ian for taking us on this adventure - though I don't think he realised when we set off from the flat that it would be quite so exciting.

It was quite hot and rather humid in Cairns yesterday afternoon. It's only a couple of km from where we are staying, into the town centre, along an attractive walk along the seashore.  So off we went for a bit of exercise.  I think I nearly did for The Builder.  A 4km walk in the middle of the afternoon might not have been my brightest idea. We didn't go back in in the evening to check out the restaurants. We went to one of the two nearby pubs instead. Although the hotel does run a shuttle into town in the evening. Next time we'll make use of that. I quite fancy sampling some of the seafood restaurants in town, although the Dunwoody did us a very nice chicken schnitzel and a lovely piece of barramundi.

We're off to Osaka this morning.  I am not expecting it to be 30+d and humid there!  Might have to dig out my shoes, socks and jumper, none of which have been disturbed for nearly a month.

Frannie in the Builders Arms (photo thanks to Ian)

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