Monday, January 25, 2016

Flynn's First Sunday lunch out

And actually, it was probably his first Sunday Lunch ever.  I know he was born before lunch last Sunday, but I don't think lunch would have figured in his thinking a mere 12 hours after he was born! It must be said that Flynn didn't eat much from the menu, but we should clearly start as we mean to go on, and we are all enthusiastic Sunday Lunch eaters, quite often out.

Anyway.  Freyja has been involved with the Real Junk Food Project in Sheffield recently.  It's a place where they base their menus on food that would otherwise go to waste, from local shops, households, restaurants and other places which might have left over food.  So there isn't a lot of choice, and mostly it's cooked by home cook volunteers (although I believe there are a small number of actual chefs who get involved sometimes). When you've eaten, you pay what you think it was worth, or what you feel like paying, or what you can afford to pay. You can also pay with donations of food, or with your time, or with your skills.

It's based in the old Regather Works building in Sharrow, and the eating area isn't very big (although there is an area upstairs which can be pressed into service when required).  Freyja suggested that we all meet there for lunch yesterday, so we could see what it was like. She has done some volunteering there, so she knew already what it was like!

When The Builder, Freyja and I turned up, the downstairs area was already full, so we went upstairs, reorganised the tables to suit our larger party, turned on the heaters and made it all cosy.  They had run out of braised beef ribs, so The Builder and I had all the roasty accompaniments with bolognaise sauce on the side.  Freyja had nut roast.  Tabitha, Gaz, Cally and Flynn turned up a bit later, by which time tables had become available downstairs, so we all decamped down there.  It was a good experience (apart from Tabitha's food which was a bit on the cold side - that was easily fixed by bunging it in the microwave).  The Builder had some beetroot cake which Freyja had made for the kitchen on Friday. I had frozen banana "ice cream" which was very tasty, but which had dates mashed in with it to add a bit of sweetness.  I am not a huge fan of the texture of dates.  They need more chocolate and fewer dates in their frozen banana "ice cream".  Alas, I'm told they virtually never get given chocolate as a donation.  I think I might have to rectify that.  We usually buy something for the local food bank when we are in the supermarket.  I might have to add "Chocolate for the RJFP kitchen" to my list! Not that that would be waste, or junk food, but you need some condiments for your cooking :-)

I don't seem to have any photos of Flynn's parents from yesterday, and the photo I took of The Builder was all blurry.  But here are some of Freyja's and my photos:

Pirate Cally has arrived for lunch. 

You want me to come out of my snuggly capsule?  Really?!?!?!


Pirate Cally and Flynn the Cabin Boy

Auntie Freyja

Flynn loves it when Cally sings to him

In other news, there is a plasterer in our lounge room.  He's expecting to be there today and tomorrow and then again in about two weeks time.  We had to clear out the whole lounge room yesterday afternoon after we got back. This did not delight the cat!

It's a lot easier to empty a room when you have already started a de-cluttering program

What on earth do you two think you are doing now?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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