Saturday, January 09, 2016

Arrived in Osaka

We had a good night at Reef Palms in Cairns and took advantage of their free shuttle trip to the airport in the morning.  This did mean that we got there ridiculously early for our flight, but it also meant that the airport was close to empty!  In almost no time at all we were airside and ready to fly.  In about two and a half hours time :-D

No matter, thought we.  We'll fill in some of the time by having breakfast. So we did.  And it ranks amongst some of the grimmest food I have eaten in a very long time.  Even allowing for the fact that they only made up one breakfast instead of the two that I had ordered, so the second was "prepared" in super fast time, the food was dire.  I didn't eat mine.  The Builder ate most of his, but only because he was hungry.  I filled in the rest of the time by buying up the airside shops.  Not one of my usual activities but they did have some nice things.

I had entirely accidentally booked us seats in what is the closest you can get to Premium Economy on Jetstar.  We were one row back from the beginning of the economy seating.  There was only one row behind us before you got to the cabin crew's galley.  By the windows there was one more row behind that, then a barrier to the rest of economy.  We were in a small, self-enclosed area and were mostly attended to by the crew who were looking after Business Class.  I had pre-ordered meals.  It was all rather civilised.  Next time I shall try for the front row, which has extra leg room, and no one tipping their chair back in your face! (I realise that you have to pay extra for that on Jetstar, but that's ok).

We had a good flight over.  Immigration allowed us into Japan.  Customs expressed absolutely no interest in our cases.  The only slight drama was that, although I could remember all the words in Austin and Kaori's address, I couldn't remember any of the numbers and I had forgotten to save their address before we left Cairns.  It didn't matter in the end.  There is excellent wifi in the airport pretty much from the moment you arrive.

I had booked us into the airport hotel, which is where you find us this morning.  We had the buffet dinner option last night, and very tasty it was too - though I fear that we were both much more entertained by the soft ice cream machine than by all the rest of the food, delicious though it was!  Breakfast this morning was a much better deal than in Cairns yesterday.  I was going to say that it jolly well should be, considering how much it cost.  But in fact it wasn't significantly more expensive than yesterday's offering.  A bit, but not hugely so.  I did fill in a fairly grumpy comments form yesterday, so maybe they'll improve things.  And, of course,  yesterday might just have been an off day.

And shortly we will head off and entrust ourselves to the mercy of the Japanese Rail System.  We have to get ourselves from here to Hozumi, where we are hoping that Austin will meet us :-)

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