Tuesday, February 03, 2015

We almost never sleep in our front bedroom.  It is, I suppose, strictly speaking the main/master bedroom, but we prefer the smaller room at the back, partly because of the lovely view. So on the rare occasions that we do sleep in there we notice odd little things.  It is, for example, surprising quite how much traffic there is on our road in the middle of the night. We never hear anything in our room! And there's a funny ticking noise that you can hear in the front bedroom that you can't hear in ours. I can definitely hear the lounge room clock chiming better in the front bedroom as well; I don't really hear it at all in our room.

We were in the spare room on Saturday night because Cally was with us and it has been our habit to sleep in there with her when she's on her own.  I don't think we really need to any more.  She knows where we usually sleep and she has her own room at home now. I think in future that leaving a night light on in the hall might be enough.  I shall ponder this.

Cally was with us for the night because her parents and aunt had been invited to a friend's 40th birthday party.  We were invited too but it seemed slightly age inappropriate for us.  It was definitely age inappropriate for Cally, so she came to us and we had our own party.

She came late in the afternoon and we watched the Winnie the Pooh movie and the Tigger movie. She had pizza for tea and we had home made fish and chips after she had gone to bed. Then on Sunday we watched the two movies again, plus Babe and Monsters University and Ratatouille. I feel positively movied out!  We played with cars and trains and we did drawing and colouring. We talked to Grandma Stella and Grandpa Tony and Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Ian in Australia. We talked to Uncle Austin and Auntie Kaori and Cousin Tatsuki in Japan. And we prepared lots of food. Then Mummy and Daddy came back and had Sunday Lunch with us. It was a lovely weekend.

Cally being artistic

Boys being lazy :-D

We did nearly kill The Builder though. Our next door neighbours in #4 are moving and can't take their chickens with them.  So the chooks have come to us. It might have been marginally better if we had taken out a fence panel, moved the chook house and run from their garden to ours, chased and caught the chickens and put the fence panel back *before* we had had our meat and potato pie rather than *after*.

Still, they're at our place now, and The Builder is still breathing!! Four new chooks, about a year old and laying fairly regularly. They are confined to their little run at the moment while Curry and Dimsim get used to them, and they to Curry and Dimsim. And I suppose we should think of names for them. They do have names but I only remember Molly and Betty, and I don't know which one is which!

Sunday lunch.
(Cally's is a fish finger sandwich with slices of cucumber on the side)

Vegetable stew for weekday lunches

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