Tuesday, February 10, 2015


This was going to be my excitement for the day

I had wandered over to the cook shop on Chapel Walk at lunchtime in search of a julienne cutter. Until I had read Jess's blog yesterday morning, I didn't know that such things existed - but once I did know.... !

They had julienne cutters. They were also having a sale. Stickered items were 30% off.  So I picked up a couple of other things and went to pay for them.  At the counter they had Taylor's Eye-Witness knife sets slashed from £60 to £15. This seemed highly unlikely to me, so I checked.  Yes,she said. You can have a five knife set for £15. And no, there's nothing wrong with them.  So I bought a set. Not that I really needed new knives. But pretty coloured Taylor's Eye-Witness!! Who would turn that down for £15?

So that was my excitement for the day.  Until I got home.

The Builder had been complaining of a sore calf muscle over the weekend. He had done something to it when he had got out of the car on Friday afternoon and it had got steadily worse over the weekend. On Sunday evening he showed it to me. It was all red and swollen and hot.  It didn't look at all good to me.. I suggested that he pop into the surgery the following morning and make an appointment to see the GP.  And lo - he got an appointment for that very evening.  (As an aside, I hadn't realised that the medical practice had started doing evening surgeries twice a week.  An excellent idea). The appointment was in Clay Cross so he trundled off, and came back half an hour later to say that the GP had diagnosed a thrombosis and that he was to go to the hospital to have it all checked out.  Yes - he could leave it until the morning but the GP wasn't taking any of the blame if The Builder dropped dead overnight.

Well, we don't want any sudden deaths cluttering up the house, so he had a spot of dinner and drove himself off to the hospital. He got back just as I was about to head off to bed.  He's had blood tests and an enormous injection in his tummy and he has gone back this morning for scans and more tests. I can't say that his leg looks any better for it!  But at least he hasn't been admitted.

I've been telling people that he has an embolism.  I don't think he has.  The medics are talking of thrombosis.  But I discover that I am not sure that I understand the difference!!  Oh well. As long as the doctors do, I don't suppose it matters if I don't.

I'm going to have to walk to my Japanese class this evening. The Builder needed the car to get to the hospital this morning. As long as he remains out of hospital and not dead, he will come and pick me up after.

That was more than enough excitement for yesterday. My knives would have been sufficient all on their own.
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