Monday, February 16, 2015

Largely Uneventful

I am pleased to say that the weekend was largely uneventful.  The Builder is still visiting the hospital once a day but his INR levels are heading steadily in the right direction. Apart from the fact that he has now put his back out and is hobbling around groaning, he seems to be heading back towards healthiness.

We headed into Chesterfield on Saturday morning so I could pick up my new glasses. I was just suggesting that we should head to The Rutland for lunch when I got a message from Tabitha. They were thinking of coming into Chesterfield on Sunday and having lunch in the nice pub by the church. Did we fancy joining them?

Well yes. But that's where we were intending to have lunch on Saturday.

No law says we can't have lunch in The Rutland on two occasions, even if they are on consecutive days.

So we did.

Steak, scampi and chips for me on Saturday.  Fish and chips for The Builder.  Miso broth with veg and seafood ravioli for tea

Full on Sunday roast on Sunday.  They very sensibly offer Sunday roasts in small, medium and large servings and you can choose one, two or three kinds of meat.  The Builder had a large, I had a medium.  No tea on Sunday evening!

And now here we stand on the brink of a brand new week.  I am fervently hoping that there will be absolutely nothing of any interest to report when we get to the other end of it!

Sunday lunch in The Rutland

Cally's lunch came with ice cream.  Mine didn't ;-(

Wrap up warm, Gamma.  It's cold outside

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