Monday, November 03, 2014

Last week wasn't too bad, then.  A few meetings (one over quite a pleasant breakfast in the student cafeteria), a few sessions in the cupboard, some one-to-one meetings with post-graduate students.  It was all quite calm, and culminated with a Friday lunch with Tabitha and Nate who dragged himself away from his explosives to join us at Wa Ding - and then I had Friday afternoon off :-)  Another week done.

The weekend was quite busy as weekends go.  We were at Bishops' House on Saturday morning.  It was a lovely day and we had a steady stream of visitors through the house.  In the afternoon we headed to Waitrose and then on to Costco, doing our bit to keep the economy afloat :D And so home.

Sunday I was working the last of three SHU Open Days.  There were three of us, this time, showing people library services but even so we were very busy.  I don't know what the stats were for the three open Days, but my guess would be that this last one was the largest by some way.  I was quite tired by the end of it!

So it seemed like almost no time at all before it was Monday morning and I was back at the station waiting for the train to start yet another week. I enjoy both volunteering at Bishops' House and working the Open Days, but the Sunday Open Days always seem to fall on the same weekend as our regular Saturday at BH and lo - there is the weekend gone!

On the other hand, I will enjoy the extra money when it comes my way.

This week is looking, from this perspective, calm and peaceful and quiet.  I have a Japanese class tomorrow evening, I have a couple of sessions in the cupboard in my diary, and not much else.  Might be able to get on and clear the backlog of paper work, office work and other things that are awaiting attention.

Oh - I meant to say.  We have new neighbours.  Debby and Steve eventually gave up on the idea of selling their house.  Nobody much was showing any great interest, and some friends of their son were looking for somewhere to live, so they've rented it to them.  They moved in over the weekend and seem very pleasant.  They have two young children, but not the dog that I saw wandering around in their garden early on Sunday morning. That belongs to Grandma and was just visiting.
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