Sunday, November 16, 2014


I don't think the fog lifted at all yesterday. Not even when it rained.  And it definitely did rain - we were heading out (fortunately in the car) and the heavens absolutely opened!  Didn't daunt the fog, though.  And it didn't daunt us.  We went to the Post Office to send some stuff Japan-wards.  We went to Clay Cross and dumped some stuff in the clothes recycling bin and we finally made it to Marsh Green to visit the Farm Shop.  No Christmas market this week, so we could actually park the car and go in.

The Under Gardener has begun digging up around the pond.  But no digging today, in the fog and the rain

Grassmoor seems to have vanished

Dogwood bush 

Twisted Witch Hazel, just starting to turn colour

Looking up towards our house
The fog didn't daunt the chickens and the ducks either.  I let them out for a wander around, and the chooks made a hasty beeline for the greenhouse and amused themselves for ages and ages having a massive dust bath.  The duck and chook run is exceptionally muddy at the moment, so no dust bathing is available in there.  The ducks don't mind the mud and the rain so just pottered about outside, dabbling up many tasty morsels from under the leaves and grass and fallen over flower plants

Curry, coming to see if I have any tasty titbits (I didn't)

Dimsim is moulting.  Funny time of year to moult, in my view!

Fennel and Celery out enjoying the chance to explore
Right.  I'd better get on.  We're heading down to Salisbury shortly and I am not ready!
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