Friday, November 28, 2014

I got home from work yesterday evening and found this parked outside our house!

What?  No, no - it's not the Tardis.  It's a police car.  With many traffic cones, closing off Bridge Street and Hag Hill.

I knew the road was closed, for The Builder had rung me to say that he might be delayed picking me up from the station because the road was closed.  I hadn't realised that there was a police car with its blue lights on, parked pointing towards our driveway.  They are building a housing estate towards the top of Hag Hill and a truck had managed to spread clay and mud all over the hill and vehicles were struggling to stay on the road.  So the road had to be closed until it could all be cleaned up - which took a couple of hours and infuriated everyone who wanted to travel up or down the hill. It particularly infuriated people who live in houses up the hill who had no alternative route they could take. There aren't all that many houses up Hag Hill. It's mostly fields.  But there are enough.  I think some of them gave up in the end and parked around our place and walked the rest of the way.  There were unfamiliar cars parked around about when we came out this morning.

The road is beautifully shiny and clean now.  A great big road cleaning truck came and sorted it all out.

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