Monday, October 20, 2014

Three Busy Weeks - Two Down

Two down and one left to go. And the one left to go isn't unwaveringly busy.  It has two VERY busy days in it and three relatively all right days.  But it's a bit daunting, looking at it from this perspective, it must be said.

But last week is now done.  We didn't have the excitement of the internet going away - just our external phone lines :-D  This meant, of course, that we couldn't ring out, but it also meant that people couldn't ring in!!  It was very quiet in the Enquiry Cupboard!

My calendar for last week had lots and lots of yellow (teaching) sessions in it, blue (cupboard) sessions and red (meeting) sessions.  But it also had an instruction to go to the pub after work on Friday, which included several people from our team, plus Paul and Linda who have abandoned us for a life of leisure and indolence.

There was another SHU Open Day on Saturday which I came in for.  As you will be aware, I enjoy working the open days, but I have to say that I was very tired after this one.  There were only two of us working in the Learning Centre so we had lots and lots of tours around the building to do.  I was therefore extremely pleased that I had had the foresight earlier in the week to book a table at The Nettle for Sunday lunch.  They do a carvery on Sundays, and they do it very well indeed.  I had a plate full of very delicious turkey, with roasties and mash and veg and a Yorkshire Pud and gravy and sauces and things. The Builder had all of that too, but he had roast beef rather than turkey. We shared some wine with it and went home feeling replete and fairly happy.  We should really go out for Sunday lunch more often, it's a very pleasant way of spending the middle point of Sunday.

Right then.  tomorrow I have two lectures to deliver and two workshops to rfun.  I guess I had better get on and write/prepare/organise them!

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