Monday, October 06, 2014

Out and about - again!

We were at Bishops' House yesterday morning.  We were expecting to be quite quiet.  It was raining and blustery in the morning.  It was a tad chilly. It wasn't a nice morning for wandering about in the park.  In the event, we were busier than we anticipated.  A couple of children came in with their grandparents to finish up some school work they were doing on Tudor England.  Another set of grandparents brought their grandchildren in for a look around.  A SHU Student Crew member brought a large group of International Students in as part of a cultural walking tour of Sheffield.  And it stopped raining so people came out into the park and dropped in to say hello.

We headed home, via the supermarket.  And not long after we arrived home Tabitha, Gareth and Cally came by to pick us up, and we all went out to Ashover (near The Nettle) for the Ashover Vintage Engine Fair and Light Show.  We knew that it was happening because someone gave us a flier for it when we were in Clay Cross last week.  I think we might not have bothered going, except that the entrance fee was being put towards fund raising for the air ambulance.  And Ashover is no distance from our place.  Once again, I'm really pleased that we did go.  The fair wasn't hugely big, but it was very cute and we all had a really good time.  There were tractors and campervans and trucks and one steam machine.  Various people were doing Halloween-y things, others were doing early Christmas-y things. Cally had a ride on a fair ground ride. We didn't stay for the lights because we had got there a bit too early to wait for darkness - and because after we had been there for an hour and a half or so we were all getting a bit cold.  I think that next year we'll go a bit later, wear coats and gloves and look at the lights.

Taffa, Gaz and Cally came back to our place (just as well, really, because we had gone to Ashover in their car and while it isn't all that far from our place, it would be a serious walk to get home!) and stayed over night.  The Builder got up early this morning to watch the (extremely wet) Grand Prix race in Japan.  I got up very early because I had to go into work this morning.  Cally slept in until 7:30, which is quite late for her and thus for her parents.  She tells me that she "had a very big sleep in my bed"!.  Gaz, Taffa and Cally gave me a lift into work (the first train that runs from Chesterfield to Sheffield on a Sunday morning isn't until 10:03, and I needed to be there for 9:30). It was the SHU Open Day today and they like to have staff available to take visitors around the Learning Centre and to tell them about library services.  I quite enjoy doing the Open Days.  Not, it must be admitted, at 8:30 when I need to start getting ready to go, but once I get to them they're quite a bit of fun.

And now I am home again, restorative glass of wine in hand, waiting for my salmon and chips to cook, and thinking slightly gloomily of the Very Busy Week I have in store.

Click on Aviator Cally to get to the fair

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